Commissioning a portrait is personal and meaningful. An oil painting will last generations. It takes 80 years for an oil painting to dry. Imagine your family, a hundred years from now, looking at your family portrait and feeling connected and inspired.

Creating a portrait takes time. This is a process where you work with the artist whilst he creates a result that will be treasured not just by you but handed down through generations.The artist will discuss what you are after and give you different options. There are different painting and size options to suit all budgets. When you commission a portrait, it will require several visits so the subject of the portrait can be studied.

In a world that is increasing mass produced a painting is different because it is traditional and handcrafted. Painting is an expression of our humanity and shows how gifted mankind can be. Tens of thousands of paintings are stored in galleries and museums across the world and are on display where we can admire the skill and see the history of those who have preceded us.